What is BaseHR?

BaseHR is an End-to-end Human Resource Management solution. A 100% platform that can rival some of the best solutions in the world with affordable, scalable pricing. With our platform, you can decide to host any server in your network or host in Cloud, which immediately open new door to HR Management in the 21st century.

BaseHR gives you the opportunity come to bring your Data in a centralize storage for easy synchronization between your Staff, Management and organization.

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BaseHR Features

BaseHR is a robust, seamless, lighter and easy to use HR solution for all organizations, embedded with several features and open to further customization to fits into your operations.

  • Seamless interface for easy navigation.
  • Centralized solution for your Staff, Management and Organization.
  • Efficient staff performace index monitory.
  • Responsive layouts to fit in any device gadget to easy navigation.
  • Easy customization to enable proper tailoring with your operations.
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Below are basic module features in BaseHR. You can request for further customization to fit into your operations.

Employee Self Service

Seemless people management with employee's data in one place, simple and beautiful to use. Employees can be empowered for data entry themselves and can take responsibility for updating their own profiles.


Job opening, functions, requirements, skills information and staffing status.


Using the employee self-service portal, employees can review their activity, clock in and clock out.

Leave Management

Easily manage your employees leave, set quota for each leave type. Employees can self-apply for leave and the platform automates the quota.


Get payroll processing at a single click, anytime, anywhere with BaseHR.

Office Shifts

Based on the pre-defined shifts, the system automatically enforces organizational rules and regulations on attendance time, thus enabling better management.

Projects & Tasks

Keep your projects and tasks in order with transparent access. Measure your employees productivity and performance.


Streamlined expenses reporting management for your whole team.

Performance Indicator

Evaluate the success of your organization, a particular department or an activity you enagage in with your employees.


Formally recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of employees to the achievement of the mission and vision of the organization.


Keep tracks of your organization's employees training and trainers.


Access to a feedback mechanism that allow employees to express themself with a sense of belonging and acceptance.


Post and share company's announcement to everyone in the organization.

Custom Permission

Give rights, role and permission to internal data access as needed.


Automated/Manual backup of data to avoid lost of record.

Scalable Custom Solution

BaseHR is scaleable to include custom features as required by your organization... We got you covered.